Message of Jean Darquier & Fils

Armagnac of incomparable quality

A secret of a good Armagnac lies in its ruby colour. In its crystal-clear, almost transparent texture. You will see its tears remain on the glass surface so that we could poetically say that Armagnac “is crying”. After you warm it up in your hands, it will offer its bouquet of deep aromas and then you will feel its taste…It will burn your mouth but will leave an indescribable aftertaste of lightness and maturity afterwards.
– Jean Darquier

Armagnac Jean Darquier et fils

Our Armagnac Veuve Jean Darquier et Fils will let you discover this centenary alcoholic beverage which will awaken all your senses. Our story began in the middle of the last century in the Archan Domain at Castelnau d’Auzan in le Gers on the vineyards of Jean and Anna Darquier where the wine was made and it wasn’t a surprise that several bottles of Armagnac saw the light of day from year to year.
So let us tell you this story…

Our expertise

We work hard to make good wines which are able to enrich both taste and soul.